Saturday, November 8, 2008

Spooky Blog Entry Kills Family Dog

Wow, so my dog died today. Didn't see that one coming, or maybe I did. Jackie Chan was my Black Lab-Mutt for almost 17 years. He was no Hound of Chulainn but he was my dog and best friend. 

Needless to say explaining this to my sons is going to be difficult. Look for regular updates to return on Wednesday.

So now that I've killed my dog with my blog all I can say is If Al Bruno dies then it'll be the Bad Luck Super Trifecta


Al Bruno III said...

I'm not going anywhere yet!

(I hope!)

And I am sorry about your dog. Two of our cats passed on recently and it really hurt.

FJH said...

Thanks Al and since you're still alive I can only assume my blog has lost it's power to kill.