Monday, February 16, 2009

100% BAD Page 19 is Now Online

Page 19 of 100% BAD is now uploaded, Wow talk about a wall of text, next page I'll have to toss in some action!
Maybe a car driving through boxes?

I'll figure something out, any ways I'm feeling better today.

Of course my doctor did prescribe penicillin to me after I told him I'm deadly allergic to penicillin. Only took him four days to realize his mistake and call me to warn me not to take the medicine. Good thing I could tell his level of ability while I was there and never filled his script otherwise there might be a bunch of comic fans going, "Now how come he don't post?"

Doctors, they think they walk on water because they go to school for 8 years- all that means is they're good at being a student, don't make him a good doctor.

Next time the wife accuses me of procrastination I'll have to remind her of how it saved my life. HAW!

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