Tuesday, December 8, 2009

My Supa Life The Scientific League of Scientists Update

The latest update to My Supa Life has been posted.
The Scientific League of Scientists had another successful meeting last night, Dr. Sauron (age 8) and Dr. Logan (age 3) designed and built a method of dropping a whole pack of Mentos into a soda bottle at the same time. The test was a triumph of scientific know-how and the desire to see twelve foot geysers of exploding cola. Congratulations to all our members, and to those who don't like Science we say, "NUTS TO YOU."


Jeff said...

Congratulations on another successful experiment! But I have to ask: where was Dr. Middle Child?

FJH said...

Doctor Ziginfus was at a Xmas concert with his grand mother, grand aunt and Mother.
Next week we try to harness the power of the explosive gas. It's all a process.