Friday, October 31, 2008

100% BAD Page 13 Is Now Online

Page 13 of 100% BAD has been uploaded. sorry for the delay, but this time I have a great excuse! Not only is Halloween my anniversary but I was also involved in a car accident within sight of my house. The EMTs took me to the hospital because my back was hurting me. It took me a while to get back to the house, but here I am and here is the latest page of 100% BAD. 

Just as an aside, this accident would have never happened if the driver behind me had stopped at least one Super Dave Osbourne Safety Length away from me. Fortunately for me I was wearing my Super Dave Safety Belt. Remember folks it saves lives. 


Jeff said...

I hope you got a picture of the bastard, to use your mental powers against him.

FJH said...

No, He was just a kid, I'm just glad that no one was badly hurt. Plus I'm sure the lack of a car will hamper his ability to procreate- so Darwinism is satisfied.